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I Don’t Need to Understand

When we ask God for this, I know He would tell,

“You don’t understand, because you aren’t supposed to understand.”

Does our God explain to Moses how He would help him and the Israelites cross the Red sea? No. He just did. Does God try to give a long list of explanations to Daniel and His friends about how He would help them not to be burned in the furnace of fire? Does Jesus try to let Peter understand how He would not be drowned when he walked on the water with Him? Does…the list could go on in two days or so. The fact is, He didn’t. Those people didn’t understand too! But they begin to understand it by having faith that it will.

I believe that God is a God that doesn’t have a lot of things to say. He is super wise, and just one word from His mouth, all goes at hand, not to mention it shakes the earth (literally). Sometimes when we ask Him why can’t we understand the turmoil of life, He wouldn’t also explain, but He would say that we don’t need to make sense of it because He wants us to trust Him. Faith sometimes defies reasons. And at times, we need not have reason to understand, because if we TRULY BELIEVE, we will understand His ways in a way our human comprehension couldn’t. I guess that is heavenly, and that is between us and the Lord.

…and one day, we might find out the reason why He doesn’t let us understand.

Forever and always,

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16

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