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Let it Go


I am sorry, He/ She is not into you. Wait. Let me say it again.

HE/ SHE IS NOT INTO YOU. Yes, you heard it right. You watched him/her silently all these years trying to know if your feelings for him/her grow. You want to clarify if it is true. You fought with yourself trying to assess if you fell or you just flipped, or maybe the feeling of admiration arose because there’s no available inspiration around. But I am sorry to say that those ‘assumed feelings’ you had when you were faced with tireless teasing of people around you were just mere teasing.

Sadly, you were pursued with those, but to him/her, it was absolutely nothing. I am begging you to stop searching for him/her on the crowd of people. Stop trying to figure out every day if he/she is around at school or not. Stop all those unhealthy ‘stalking’ on his/her Facebook or Twitter account. Stop misinterpreting all his/her Facebook status that it all points to you because it is not. Okay?

Let me say this to you straight. He/she is fishing on the ocean out there trying to catch a fish, and sadly, that ocean is not where you live. Just try. Just try to stop it now, because you’re only holding the knife to gradually cut yourself. Stop trying to LET HIM/ HER KNOW if he/she is okay because you know, all he/she would say is ‘Okay‘, and if you’re not lucky, he/she would respond with a single ‘K’. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY of his/her ‘thumbs up‘ reply when you ask him/her why, and on top of all, his/her ‘seen‘ response is a clear response that he/she doesn’t want to talk with you. I mean, it is fine if you check him/her out, but not to the extent that he/she is taking you for granted already. You know that. You should know where to stop.

Please stop chasing for something that is never meant to be caught

(you should not chase in the first place, for girls.)

It’s enough, dear. Stop draining yourself from someone you know that can’t guarantee the supply of water for you in the long run.

Why I am saying this to you? It is because there’s more to life. The world is wide. And most importantly, I am saying this because there’s more to you that you should know. More grace awaits you when you focus your time on the One Who holds it all together.

There’s healing from the wrong choices you committed. And there’s LIFE out there on the tip of your heart to reach the love that goes beyond the word itself. Please open your heart not to him/her, but for Him. All your love is already reciprocated by Him even before you haven’t given your love. The Lord is so good to let His children be carried out by someone who is not even worth his/her time. Please. Know that there is JOY in Him.

There is a peace that the world could not understand when you make the Lord your focal point. All the care, attention, and love that the world is trying to greed from you, He will fill it to the brim for you. I am saying this because IT IS THE TRUTH. You can wonder and wander to every boy and girls out there, but that can never quench your longing for the care you are asking because it is only in Jesus you could perfectly find it.

You can now rest in knowing that you are worth it even to him/her you are like trash.

A new beginning awaits you. An ocean of love and wonders are waiting to be unleashed only by your choice and surrender to Him. But it just stands there, at the end of the day, it’ll all fall on your choice.

But, now, can you let go? I know it is not easy especially if your grip is too tight. right? But do it eventually until you will see progress, and this time, for a much greater cost. Besides that, He is preparing you for someone better or greater (who knows, His plans are flawless), that someday you would finally say, “I am thankful that HE/SHE IS NOT INTO ME”.

But I am sorry. He/she is not into you, for someone out there is waiting for you.

Let it go…for real, this time.

Just…let it go.

Forever and always,

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16

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