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One Last Hotdog

These are Pepoy, Jeword, and Angelo. First, posting this wasn’t a plan at all, for what happened behind this picture was all randomly laid out. I also asked God’s consent before this picture that if it is His will for me to share and post this story, I will see these children again and take pic w/ them so I could share (now this is the picture, and I was able to take a pic with them. God’s consent ).

The story is simple. I was in a children’s camp. Pastora Lab treated me as a bbq hotdog. Three hotdogs. I ate one then I gave one to my churchmate, Charles. I was planning to give the one last hotdog to Vince, my other churchmate, who at that moment, wasn’t around. I knew that time that the one last hotdog wasn’t for me to eat at all, that was why I have a sudden urge to give it to someone else. A child. I went on the church’s window where some children performed inside the church. I used a chair to support me seeing the people inside, while the only barricade to be with the people inside was the decorative grills. There, I saw Jeword (red shirt guy) and gave the one last hotdog. He was hesitant at first, but he gave in. He shared that one last hotdog with his brother and then they were so happy. I never imagined that their reactions would be more than the value of that one last hotdog. He said ‘thank you’, the magic words.

I heard Jeword kept on telling to his fellow kid campers about the hotdog. Trust me, they were so happy. It made me smile of course. His feedback doesn’t end there, we met outside the church and he informed his other friends about it (the picture are the other friends). He kept on saying that I was the person who gave them that one last hotdog. They’re like 6 people, some aren’t just included in the pic above. He kept on re-telling the news to the people he knew, and I can say they were so happy. I was surprised. Yes, because not all children are like that, but the majority of them are like that. Children are always grateful.

But the lesson that is impressing, is the pure heart of a child. Gratefulness attracts some other people. If Jeword wasn’t grateful along with his brother, some others wouldn’t be able to see that little thing there, like the story, wouldn’t exist at all. But they were, and that was just so SO good to be copied in terms of our relationship with the Lord. Isn’t it wonderful when we kept telling the Lord about the things we are grateful for? Even it is just so simple like that one last hotdog. Isn’t it great when we are grateful for these simple things we have in this world? Contentment is such a gift. When we went out, I treated them an ice cream in which I knew some other kids.

Another impressive lesson I have thought is that compassion could ripple. (I am not, in any way, saying I am compassionate that much, I just gave that one last hotdog ) Yes, one simple act of giving to a person means would have a domino effect on other persons. And if it did, people, like these children will grow in love and gratefulness knowing there is something ‘good’ beyond the window (literally and figuratively tho ).

Also, if we desire to share light, let’s spark one match at a time before it could turn into a real fire. What I did maybe is just two to three matches yet and it was just mere fire for the moment, but I have always believed that it’ll create something grand in the future in the lives of these children. I told Jeword because he was the eldest in their group that he should obey his parents, go to church, and always pray. I hope he’ll do by God’s grace.

Okay. We don’t need to create an instant wildfire, because one match could do to create one if we believe enough. When we were almost going home, Jeword, along with one of his friends, stopped to say ‘goodbye’ to me. And trust me, from the tone of their voices I assumed they couldn’t move on with that one last hotdog which supposedly to is given to Vince. The story ends with a very understandable yet miracle math. 1 hotdog is equaled to 6 people. Not so sure with the solution, but I think you know.

Lastly, that one last hotdog isn’t for Vince at all, for it is for another Vince’s out there, who needs it more than he does.

This is Vinz. So cutie!

Forever and always,

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16

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