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Princess Warrior

With delight, I have always believed that once you received Christ as your Lord, He has given us the power to be a child of God. Since God is a King and that a Kingdom is being ruled by Him, with the truth that I am His child, I can boldly say that “I am a princess”.

For me, being a princess gets me a real deal between dealing with God. I have always wanted to have cared in a very way that it is comfortable, and all those sparkles and rainbows. To be His princess, it is ideal for me to love sitting on His bosom and just be silent under His care. When some invaders get into my ‘palace’ or my life, I would always run unto His arms and finds safety.

Sometimes, I dance with Him and sing portraying like one of His closest daughters. To be His princess that was made possible through Christ has always been the strength in which my identity is reliant. But being His princess doesn’t just limit to be just that. God wonderfully impressed me while praying that I am not a princess. Not just a princess. He said that I am also a warrior. I need to have a crown and a sword and shield and all the weapons that Ephesians 6:10 tries to explain.

Amazingly, He wants us to fight back (against life setbacks).
He wants us to have courage. He wants us to be bold. He wants us to be fierce in our faith as we face daily battles’ in life. He wants us to be gentle like a princess, but to be fierce like a knight. We are made to be conquerors because God knows that it will be tough for us to face this life without the acceptance that we are fighters and are bound to be on the battleground. Yes, I love being His princess, to dress up like one, and to act like one, but this time, God wants us to be the force to be reckoned with.
He exactly knows that we can’t do it ourselves, that is why He started to let us feel first the ‘princess’ feels the level of our relationship with Him then gradually presents to us the person behind our comfort zones. He will let us go into the battlefield of life’s roller coaster of course, after hiding under His arms.

God is saying to you today that you are not just a princess. You are at the same time a warrior. It is okay if you love acting and or believing you are one, because you are! But, dear, He also wants you to be strong and be courageous. He molds you with a royal bloodline through Christ’s magnificent work on the cross, but also is creating you to be a courageous young woman you are to fulfill His work…and maybe, you are not His princess because you are supposed to be a Queen.

A Queen has a greater responsibility than a princess. anyways whatever you want to be called, we all are His masterpiece and He alone wants the best for us. But maybe for this time, we should carry both our crowns and our swords and fight this good fight of faith until His Kingdom will be fully known and come.

Forever and always,

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16

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