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To: The person I cannot have

There are times…there are really times that we met people along the way, and we found them so attractive. An incandescent personality, maybe. As luminous as a sparkling Christmas light because we have noticed something inside of them. Something that is beyond physical, maybe? And when you find that kind of affection, you know it’s deep. Falling in love with their sanity. Their ideas. The way they construct their sentences with the right commas and the way they end their words with the right punctuation mark.

The way they explain a certain topic that you know nothing about but being brought up by their inquisitiveness. Why, oh, why, that’s subtly sexy. Their deepness about life’s concept that you pretty much wanted to comprehend, but just when you start making sense of it, it is making you think about this person’s depth and why these questions bothered them at night.

Eventually, you are thinking the same way as them. And when you do, you will also come to the point of realizing that maybe in a contingent universe, you two collide. Even at some words, you shared and the, “Hey, I know that too!” response.

When you find this kind of person, I guess you won’t have a long grip on them, because as soon as you tried to dig up, they try to loosen themselves and make themselves even deeper you can’t help but fall. And when you do, you will just fall and they can’t give you the shovel to get you out of that pit, because they too aren’t capable to help you dig up.

Why? It is your choice why you fell that hard anyways. They don’t have any idea. We are too idealistic sometimes that we forget these kinds of people are more than the literature they read. Just when it looks like real for you, it isn’t for them. And when it seems a reality for them, it isn’t for you.

When this realization dawned on you, their incandescence seemingly turns into shadows. Shadows of their words and ideas you wish to grapple, but ended up linking to other people they wish to convey these messages. It is but heartily invigorating that their luminosity is not destined for your world to light up, their incandescent personality is for someone they wish to talk with, walk with, and dive into their infinite world of ideas and tirelessly meaningful thoughts.

God still has His own ways of letting you realize why this kind of person came in the morning just to be gone in the night—-for a profound reason, of course.

In a parallel universe, you two, however, aren’t just contingent even how much closer you think you two are on the same spectrum of interests…some wavelengths sometimes bend you know.

So, cheers to the person we can’t have…

Forever and always,

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16

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