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Why do we miss someone we don’t get along too often?

Why do we miss someone we don’t get along too often?

You miss their words, their ideas, their way of dealing with life. This kind of person, you don’t get along too often, but they impacted you so much you want them to appear whenever you’re sad. You don’t just “like” them, but you need them in a way that will make you feel a better person. How they hit your core when they said something that opened new ideas for you to summon. How they make you feel not innocent of something you first don’t have any idea, yet you have learned it in the long run because they didn’t just teach you about it, but they showed it.

I love this kind of person in whom I could grapple inspiration. People with dignity so high you can’t just climb the wall that easy because it’s quite high, but once you know you’re almost on the peak of that wall, you know within you that it could really be somehow, but you’re just too shy to climb it further because you might get disappointed if they don’t feel the same way?

It is but right to express this when you miss someone like them. I wish I could tell it’s easy for you to ask them to talk about things again. I hope it’s easy to approach them one day and tell them all the things that are going inside your head and how you [madly] want to share a thought to them and talk it out and make a conclusion about it and make sense about it. I wish it’s easy for me to say to you to tell them how much of their being bother you at some nights. I wish it’s that easy.

Somehow, the wonderful consolation of having them far away and missing them without them knowing is the fact that you know you have felt something true inside you when they have let you felt the feeling you’re feeling now, without them really knowing.

Maybe we miss these kinds of people because we were once connected with them through a very sheer of time but then was gone by the wind. The question of your worth resurfaced again, but hey, it’s okay. You’re okay. Maybe we miss them big time because we “missed” a lot of things with them that could have happened.

Could’ve happened.

Thank you so much for letting me felt that feeling. I am forever thankful. Forever.

…But to whoever you are, I miss you even if we never get along. I just…miss all the possibilities that could’ve gone paving the way for me to be better at some aspect that could’ve involved you. But yes, we can never ever teach someone to miss us the same way we miss them, so, I’ll let those memories freely fly in the air of oblivion (but this will really take time, so time will tell) until those words and thoughts will become ghost itself, but someday will be reincarnated towards someone new that will come into my life. But until then, I will forever be missing you in the littlest corner of my heart.


(wrote this on the 7th of February 2020, but now publishing it in June of 2020, and we are currently talking again, and I guess all the “I thought missed part” is eventually taking its place. I just want to say I am happy at some point that I get the chance to have met a person in whom I am talking about. )

Forever and always,

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16

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