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I think the core reason why people seem to feel depressed and insignificant, it is because they think they are ALL ALONE. All alone because they feel no one cares for them. You know that feeling when no one cares for you? It is like you’re a fish swimming against the current. Like a Salmon fish. You’re persisting to feel okay so that people will know you are really are, but in the depth, you are drowning on persisting to be “fine” because you want to show you’re strong.

But I think there is no person in the world who truly doesn’t care on someone. I guess they care. I guess they have something inside them they struggle to tell. They have thoughts and beautiful sentences they constructed but are afraid to say a single word to another person. They have songs written on their hearts but are afraid to sing it. Symphonies they composed, but never dare to play it. They have appreciation within them they seriously want to show to the other person, but continually being blocked by shyness and arrogance.

Come on, most love is lost because of it. We sometimes forget the primary role of being humans. That is to love and to show it with every moment the earth is giving us chances. It’s sad to hear someone died due to loneliness. It’s kind of sad to think people will give an astounding speech of how the dead person meant a lot to him or her. There is a very dim light with the thought of giving a wonderful message to a friend laying on the casket because dead people couldn’t hear anything at all.

Think of the greatest regret, guilt and resentment you will have when the person you really want to talk to at the very beginning will be gone in the wind and never to be seen again, but you have been prompted to say something you really want to mouth out at the very start, but then again the curtain closes. There is a fine line between “I’m just shy” to “I’m anchored in hidden pride”. Maybe you’ll say it is because you wanted the other person to say “hi” first, in the façade of wanting to tell him how much that new song meant to you. But ended up storing that excitement in you for years because of waiting for him to say how that new song meant to you.

Pride is really the longest distance between people. It ripped my heart slowly and slowly seeing people feeling insignificant because no one dares to check on them. No one asks how they are feeling or even telling them they are special or beautiful.

Maybe it’s time to revive what it means to be people and to be human. CONNECTION. Please do not “react” a heart symbol on someone’s status if you don’t mean to really “love” it. Do not “laugh” to someone’s post when you don’t really mean to laugh, because most people who have been doing it are most likely the people who would choose to do otherwise. Do not build something you can’t bear to finish. Do not confuse other people’s feeling by giving an indirect hint, because most of it fall to misinterpretation.

The moth can only draw itself to the flame once and died afterward. Say what you deeply want to say to that person before the book closes. CLEARLY. Do not give a silent love and care to the living then give a shout out of appreciation to the dead. People need people. Someone needs your words, your love, and your care today, this very moment.

Please do not be greedy on that.

Say it.

Show it.

Live with it.

They need you as much as you need them.

A person does not need a crafty eulogy, for man only needs a touch of care and love or a simple “hello” for him to continue living. I guess it is the most wonderful gift God has given us. To connect with people and to be able to tell them how much they mean to us. But it will remain a close gift if we refuse to open it within ourselves.🌹 

Forever and always,

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16


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