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cold nights of december.

an unstable peace can be as destructive as any civil war. –Charles Duhigg (The Power of Habit )

crying, she lit up her small lampshade, took her notebook and wrote. she finally start to realized that she was so done with the idea that people are good. people aren’t good if they are tired, and lonely, and lacking something. these things could cascade to low moods, demotivation, and a little bit of headache. 

she just had a weird headache lately on the afternoon. someone told her this is because the price of sleepless nights. “skipping meals” she thought. she was told this is also because she keeps on absorbing stresses of other people. she worried a lot of other people’s problem. take for example, those who don’t have food for dinner or those who are struggling financially, those who don’t have a shelter to enter in.

she’s a worrier— with a little combination of inability to address this, except praying and the endless longing every single day she will be a millionaire and help these helpless, hungry, and suffering people.

now, that she has this weird headache, she wants to tell her parents about this case. but her parents were ever busy, and the time she wants to tell her concerns, the parents would tell her various things like, “did you see her? she is so good at what she’s doing. i hope you do the same thing.”  “if only you’re a way hard-worker, we can eat dinner early.”

she stopped. she doesn’t wanna tell about her headache. she has an ever weird headache that day, and even more, an unwavering peace. she instantly thought she is alone in her room, and that’s when the time it dawned in her. no one’s gonna be there on her struggle, because she knows that people listen, but people listen only for the cheap reason to reply. she knows that people can talk to her, but people only talk and insist their advices. people are not listening. this pissed her off. now, she doesn’t want to talk to anyone, anymore.

An unstable peace can be as destructive as any civil war. – charles duhigg (The Power of Habit)

hebrews 11:16

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