jar of poetries

to: ocean

you are deep. that is why maybe i am drawn to you. it’s not that because i know how to swim, but because i know there is beauty in the depths. you are mysterious. that is why maybe i love mysteries, not because i am a good detective, but because there is beauty in lost things, and more importantly if you happen to find it already. your waves are unpredictable. sometimes small, at times huge, at times too little to be likened to a ripple. but no matter how these waves may appear, you remain as challenging as a hurdle to me. hurdle in a sense that i am giving myself an opportunity to pound at you like pounding a uranium, and though i could never know you the way other living things can relate to you, i am satisfied with what i knew about you. you have so much to offer… from your depths. so may you always go swiftly with the wind as you always do, and please do it even more beautifully. 

you are ocean. you are deep. and oh, how i love depths.

hebrews 11:16

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