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to the moon

when i was young, i thought that the moon had been stalking me since there has never been a night it was not following me. I thought it was so small i can keep it in my small pocket, and you know, that kind that you can have an instant baseball game because of the thinking it is a typical baseball with the absence of the red curves forming like an incomplete vase right inside its volume.

Well, now that i am kinda grown up, i was wrong. But the thought of you as a company to the lonesome has  never been replaced by any other thought. I still think of you as a stalker in any way or either way, but maybe you are really a friend. A far away friend that seeks a companion too. Too bad i cannot get up there, but as much as i can see you every night would be enough for me to be comforted. After all, from being a kid to a grown up, you remain faithful and kind to give me light. 

hebrews 11:16

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