Krypton, Kr (an element. at times superman, most of the time, my feelings)

“I really don’t have any energy to discuss anything right now,” I told Ale as we were heading into the spot where, yes, we used to talk.

“Do you want to go back, then?” He asked.

“Can we?” I asked, putting the picnic basket on the ground.

“Why, are you exhausted? What have you been doing all day?” said he. “Nothing,” I answered idly. “When we do nothing, we are more tired, aren’t we?” “Like we are not moving at all, but you know the mind is moving all the time. It’s working.” He ended. I was not answering him.

“Are you hiding something?” He asked. Still, we were on the road going to the park, with the picnic on the ground.

“You’re a krypton, Aer,”

“Element 36,” I said.

“Why have you liken me into a krypton?” I asked, annoyed.

“Hidden,” Ale spoke.

“You’re hiding something,” he added. I couldn’t connect myself to what Ale was trying to make me connect, so I told him we better go inside the park again and continue what we are doing. “Krypton means ‘hidden,’ “ Ale spoke as if nothing ever mattered to him more than that trivia. “Why it is called that way?” I asked as if I didn’t know.

He didn’t answer.

A minute passed, but then again, he was silent. “Oh my goodness, Ale, thank goodness to Travis and Ramsay for it!” I exclaimed. “Isn’t that what it is?” He asked. “Are you speaking in riddles?” I questioned. It took me at least three minutes to get the pun out of its statement.

“Okay, get over it. But why the metaphor of it is me?” I asked, curious. “You’re hiding something,” he answered. “Aren’t we all?” I said.

That was such really a lazy night. I don’t care if people liken such an element to superman and or scientists agree with that notion, but that night, I can say I have found krypton [nite], but yeah, I can’t typically expose what it is is because it is naturally hidden. This was one of the boring talks except when he asked me. “Have you ever thought for some time about how someone should remember you?” he asked after a silence that went between us.

“We have to know something about each other.” He suggested.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Something that when we see or feel it, we will remember each other. “Remember me when you remember something,” I told him. “That’s way too complex.” He said while opening his pineapple can juice drink. “Things do not have to be complex to be effective.” He added.

“Okay. Remember me when you are sad.” I answered him. “Not concrete, huh.” “I know you will be sad all the time. That is why I want you to remember me always.” I smiled.

Ale was dead serious in his facial expression. Seems he is not swayed. “Remember me when it thunders,” he shared. “Can I ask why? Or are you a fan of Boys Like Girls?” “I want you to have in mind that you will know that I am coming when it rains so hard. Not literally, though, but in your mind.” He ended.

I told him I was not entirely convinced of it all, so we started again. Seriously this time. We were serious in the discussion, but this time in a different level.

“Star,” I told Ale.

Why would he smile? He smiled like he found it way too cringe.

“Don’t ever blame me if you will not be remembered. Not all stars stay shining. Some ended up in a black hole. White Dwarf. It’s quite invisible to the eye.” He said.

“What is essential is invisible to the eye,” I quoted from The Little Prince, okay.

He nodded.

“Planets,” he said.

“Exoplanets or?” I asked for clarification. “Within our solar system.” “Do not also blame me if I could not remember you because they are way too distant from us and almost invisible in our naked human eye.

Except maybe for some ‘once in a blue moon event that they will appear visible within the capability of my eyesight. ” I explained, trying to throw his words against his.

What is essential is invisible to the eye,” he quoted as well and smiled.

Trying to throw it against my words.

hebrews 11:16

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