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1st of May 2022

“You should just stay away from me, I will do you no good,” she said to the light.

It was night when the shadow started to appear again. It should be a winning fight for her if she chooses to. But something was just missing that night. She tried finding the light she was once held with, hoping for another scaffolding through the dark.

As much as she wanted to hold the light again, it wandered away from her subtly.
So maybe that light wasn’t a light for her after all. Perhaps that was just a mere reflection of the shadow she was once met.

Through the dry, warm night, where the skies greed its stars, and the moon wasn’t shining, she silently told the light,

“You were once with me when the shadows tried to creep in. You assured me with words of comfort and care not to leave me in this dungeon, but now, your absence is much felt more than those words of comfort and care.”

Of course, the light did not respond, for it was not hearing her.

…and when she finally bruised her walls again and laid down weak on the floor, the shadow appeared and told her,

“You were the one who told the light to stay away from you,”
…”you should be aware of that.”
The shadow ended.

The shadow then left the girl still lying on the cold floor.

She thought maybe she wasn’t afraid of the shadow after all. Instead, she was more afraid about the light leaving her again, even if she was the one who drifted away from the parameter of its reflection.

…”if only the light understood that was a rhetoric statement, he won’t really leave,” she said with a deep sigh.

hebrews 11:16

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