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2nd of May 2022

“Honestly, I fear many things about us, but I won’t let this rob our present moments, ” he said.

It was a rainy afternoon; when she looked through the window of her room when the cloud stopped at the top of her roof and said,

“You’ve been lonely for way too long. Aren’t you happy with what you have now?”

The girl looked around and noticed she had all she could ever dare ask. Good books. Enough foods. Good clothing. And the light.

The girl breathed out a deep sigh and answered,

“What if all of these aren’t real? What if I am just living on the concept of my reality?

I have gotten a whole lot of fragile mirages of fantasies. I don’t know which one is real this time. “

“A delusion, you think?” the cloud suspectedly asked.

“Are not everything products of our imaginings?” the girl asked.

As the water from the sky continued to pour, she remained quiet; she honestly found it hard to answer the cloud.

“What did he say, anyway?” the cloud whispered, almost enough for the girl not to hear it.

“Honestly, I fear many things about us, but I won’t let this rob our present moments, ” he said.

From that time on, as the cloud started to drift away from the girl’s roof, he knew what love is, and what is not.

hebrews 11:16

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