jar of poetries

5th of May 2022

“What’s one way to hide the pain? Maybe by telling, ‘everything happens for a reason.

It was another arid day.

Arid in the sense that her disposition grew warmer.

Warmer with the thought that the feeling she met was familiar.

Familiar in a way that makes her numb.

The girl called the presence of the light with all her worn-out words trying to make it stay at least for a while.

With hopes that the light would appear, she talked with the shadow lurking in the corner of her room for a long time.

“What’s your idea about true love?” she asked.

“It’s difficult. True love is difficult,” the shadow responded.


“…there is some love that grows cold in silence,” the shadow added.

“Yet most love is hidden in silence,” the shadow ended.

“How about the pain between it?” the girl stared at the shadow.

“Pain is a different story,” the shadow told her and then dismissed.

hebrews 11:16

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