Titanium, Ti (an element, sometimes Ale)

I told Ale that I had gone to a birthday party.

I was talking to a little boy, seven years old, who talked about pre-historic animals and ended up saying that he was smarter than I.

Ale laughed.

It’s the sixth day that Ale and I were on that same spot at the park, talking everything out from where we pluck from our curiosity.

“I am smarter than you,” I quoted the little boy’s words.

“You should be really embarrassed tho, in my opinion.” He answered. Wow.

It is one of those nights when people visit the park and watch the night sky. NASA updated on their website that by December, meteors are expected. But you know, even though NASA didn’t announce that, pretty well, Ale and I were still finding that place as a comfortable space to talk.

“I don’t give such attention towards prehistoric animals, and don’t you ever say I should,” I told him.

“They are pretty important in the discovery of the world, so why resist it?” he answered.

We were bothered by the noise from a nearby play stall.

The place was kind of like you get a toy gun and shoot stuff, and once you hit it, it is yours.

“Is that a true gun?” Ale stood up and looked at where the noise was coming from.

“No, it is just a balloon,” trying to calm him.

But from its sound, I can assume it is a real gun. Then, suddenly, four guys were running from the toy stall, scattering the toys all over the place, and then running all over the park while shooting the gun in the air.

Ale and I left the picnic stuff from where they were placed, and we both ran at the speed of light.

No, it is not what you think. Nothing like holding my hands to secure me from the danger ever was done. He ran to save his own life, and when he realized he was leaving me too way behind, he returned to me to keep the distance closer.

“Titanium!” He shouted amid the noise.

I stopped holding his hand for me to get going as fast as possible.

“What do you mean?” I shouted back.

The background seems to keep the distance between us larger.

It was so noisy. People were everywhere, and I could barely see Ale.

I was assured he was safe when I heard his voice saying,

“They are lustrous white metal! Low density! But high strength! And high corrosion resistance!”

Every word he emphasized with was heard by a guy with a clown costume on, whose face was ever as funny as when he had first worn the costume. He was running in the same direction as I was going.

I guess he was really nervous. But he just eavesdropped on what Ale and I were talking about.

Imagine the chaos we were in, and then there was Ale talking about the element Tellurium.

“I understand that your time is currency, but it’s okay not to multi-task!”

I shouted back at him as I kept on finding him in the faces of the crowd. The clown kept appearing in front of my face and created a nerve in me from time to time.

I saw his face.

The noise caused by the gun keeps on coming as I persistently look for Ale.

Finally, I caught a glimpse of him as I ventured into the Ferris wheel ride area. He quickly grabbed my hand and spoke,

“I am not talking about the gun itself, but yes, I am at some sort, and…”

“Just get on the point!” I shouted, covering my ear from another noise that was heard.The shouts of the people and the whole chaos.

My eardrums are going to explode.

“That’s a titanium gun. Primarily use in target shooting and yes, hunting….” he continued.

“For goodness’ sake, Ale, please the essential pieces of information, you brainy!” I shouted back.

“Traditionally speaking, rifles are primarily all steel parts, but over time, titanium was…”

“Do not impress me with your set of lengthy information, Aleister!”

“I am talking not just about the gun, but us!”

He said.

I stopped and thought about what he meant.

I stopped at the same time because I felt a lump on my back. I thought I hit myself with a metal from the ferry’s wheel ride fence, but the thought of the instant pain was shrugged off by the time Ale appeared right in front of my eyes.

“We are high corrosion resistance.” his voice was shaking.

We both stopped amid the noisy crowd, literally.

Thank goodness the clown was out of my sight, and all I could see was Ale’s face with a subtle glow on his face, which was maybe caused by the vibrant lights from behind him.

Suddenly, like a miracle from heaven, the crowd was settled at peace when the police officers came and quickly made the suspects of the commotion handcuffed.

Easy pissy.

People started going home, and Ale and I picked up the stuff we had left in our usual spot. Ale stopped talking from the time the police arrived. He seemed traumatized by the sudden event. While folding the picnic blanket, I saw the clown looking in our direction once more.

He was at the park’s entrance. I waved to say hi to him, but he seemed not swayed nor heard me.

“Hey, Mr. Clown! You okay?” I shouted for it to become audible. But no answer.

He seemed just watching us like we weren’t there at all.

I saw the policemen heading at the ferry’s wheel area carrying a yellow tape, which printed a ‘CAUTION.’

So, there was a casualty.

Although I don’t know why the little siege was rooted, it saddens me that due to it, some people died.

I took a look at Ale on what he was doing, and by the moment I did, he was already holding the picnic basket and asked to stay the night at their house because he was alone there at the time.

Ale needs some company.

While walking, it made me think about what Ale was saying about ‘corrosion resistance‘. I remembered that in our chemistry class, if I am not mistaken. Of course it was on chemistry class.

It is the ability to prevent the surrounding’s tendency to deteriorate by the chemical or electrochemical reaction. The good characteristics of such alloys include resistance to whatever reactions in the environment, at least in a particular environment. But Ale was so quiet upon our walk.

“Atomic number 77, huh. A hard, dense silvery-white metal” I spoke first, trying to let him know I hated him for acting so silent as if nothing had happened lately at the park.

“I am glad you have reviewed your chemistry subject well enough.” He answered.

“Yes. Iridium.” He finished.

Now on this part, I don’t know if Ale himself is the titanium himself, or it’s just my thought about him. But does it matter anyway?

hebrews 11:16

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