some moments



“A genuine smile in the guise of brutal memory.”

An environment I wish I could lend some help and trick my mind into adapting to the changing course of my life’s world.

Beyond the papers and the inks or the pile of shredded trees on the table and the adults’ chitchats, I almost overlooked the new girl as she entered the room.

Skinny denim jeans.

A woman adult with a backpack assisted her.

She was looking at me from time to time, I don’t know, but she did.

I tried overhearing the talk. Too bad I could not ask questions at that time. I wish I could.

A day passed, and the girl went back again.

Seated in the police car with some adults.

A victim.

As I entered the room once again, some narratives were spoken.


I hope the doctor will allow giving the medical certificate in pursuit of the case’s strength.

I remembered the first time I saw her on my first day in the room, and she looked at me when they were almost going home. I smiled to the end of my peppers as she shyly did the same thing. Or maybe she smiled a little bit low that time, but I knew it was a genuine smile.

It was a genuine smile; I wish I could hug her tight. I still wish up until now.

“A genuine smile in the guise of brutal memory.”

hebrews 11:16

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