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Hi. I don’t know about you, but I am holding my phone and writing something because my whole body won’t sit at my study table and do my schoolwork. I’ve got a deadline by Saturday, and I know I need to finish that paper as soon as possible, and of course, there is so much more to do beyond acads. Think about the house chores, your responsibility towards a relationship, your friends, and your family.

If you have a special someone, you need to make a little sacrifice, like canceling a song-making meeting because you both have some misunderstandings, so you need to talk it out. I mean, we are really busy people, and at times we are busy with nothing.

I found myself on my bed because I always tend to be sleepy, so it is a milestone when I get a chance to walk outside. Like I just went out hoping to buy a Christmas light to decorate my study table’s space ( yes, the same space by which I cannot carry my body to sit and do my work), but sadly the store does not have any Christmas light yet….

Okay. since I am on my notepad, I would like to say that it’s okay if we get a little tired for some time. Of course, it is okay. Rest is essential. It allows you to think better. I remember once while making my report on cognitive psychology, I came across the benefit of having a good sleep. if you already cross the REM ( Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stage, consolidation occurs. More likely, you will have a good memory if you have enough sleep. so yes, I honor rest as much as I honor work.

…but I am hilarious, guys. I mean, imagine. I have been on my “chill” default since three weeks ago. I have to cut it today because it is not good, I absolutely have zero motivation now, so I needed to do some silly stuff just to MAKE ME DO IT. Haha.

So basically, this note is for you and for me. If you are not still studying for an exam for the next few days or like you’re not yet starting that proposal paper you are about to do, or you are getting drowsy now because of the gloomy weather or what, and not feeling the urge to throw the garbage from the bin ( which I absolutely like the little job at the house, prolly, i will write a separate article about this soon), or whatever that keeps you from doing the things you should be doing NOW, I mean, NOW, I guess what I needed to say is this,

“just do the next right thing.”

I came a cross with a beautiful quote by one of the most inspiring women ever lived, Elisabeth Elliot, that reads,

“Do the next thing.” I don’t know any simpler formula for peace, for relief from stress and anxiety than that very practical, down-to-earth word of wisdom. Do the next thing.
That has gotten me through more agonies than anything else I could recommend.”

-Elisabeth Elliot, Suffering Is Never for Nothing

Now, get that kettle on and prepare some coffee, clean that dusty table of your workspace and put some little graceful reminder, and or simply throw that garbage from the bin and replace it with a new garbage bag— whatever it is, do something worthwhile as a “next thing,” and then proceed to that next thing again which is maybe your 1,500 characters’ essay about globalization.

— hays. Maybe I should redecorate our Christmas tree once again ( we bought new gold balls last few weeks ). Hopefully, tonight, I will GLADLY sit on my chair and start facing that paper to make.

As for you, you are not alone. I promise I get how you feel. The rage and audacity feel like procrastination.

Just the next right thing. Just do the next right thing.

Kryzylle Nicole

hebrews 11:16

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