sincerely, kryz

4th of January 2023

Dear Reader,

Okay. I do not know who’s reading this, but let us pretend someone is. Since I cannot go out and do some outdoor stuff ( I’m not an outdoor girl. huhuh), and since I was caught with a fever up until now, I will take this time to write something for you.

Are you like me, who, once in her life, tried to be absent from 8th-grade class just to research outer space? I just remembered it just now. It brings me laughter. The Milky Way galaxy kind of drew me at that time, which was why I researched it. Too bad, I have done it through Wikipedia. That is like 2014, so I need to learn about some legitimate journal articles from SciHub (hehe, just kidding.) Why I did not know about NASA official page? Ahhh.

Yeah. I was drawn to Outerspace before even knowing I was really into it. I love its vastness and how mysterious it becomes when an eye gazes upon it one sad night. I love that it gives company to the lonesome. You know, the massive ball of gas (stars), the moon, and its dim radiance. It caught me.

Sadly, when we grow up, that desire to know something beyond our gaze seems to fade. Are you like me? Who is trying to appreciate the thing I used to once upon a time? It isn’t easy to draw yourself to it once more if your passion for it is gone. However, sometimes, I think even if the desire is absent about a thing, we should still gaze at it as if we love it, even if the feelings about it fade, for this is how something should measure our admiration.

I know you know I am talking beyond the outer space stuff.

That’s all for today.

It would be best to start reading STAR STRUCK by Dr. David Bradstreet and Steve Rabey.

Kryz <3

hebrews 11:16

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