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5th of January 2023

5th of January 2023

Dear Reader,

Hi. How’s your day? Is it gloomy like mine? I mean, gloomy in a way that you’re quite sick again? If not, good for you. If yes, okay. It would help if you had a little bit more rest.

Do you ever feel guilty about why you are resting? I do. A lot. Especially when my physical body is not in good condition. You could do many things to be productive, yet you are there trying to catch your breath to rest and gain strength for a thing to be done. 

A friend told me to remember the sunflower from plants vs zombies. It doesn’t give offense. It does not fight. It stays there producing sun to buy some other products. Sometimes, it is okay to be like this sunflower. They are staying still, yet gaining helpful something. Like people, when they do rest, they don’t lose a thing. They gain. Strength.

A strength that can be used for other purposes.

Have a restful night. 


Kryz <3

hebrews 11:16

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