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7th of January 2023

7th of January 2023

Dear Reader,

Earlier, while having a class in advanced developmental psychology, we reviewed the concept by a child psychologist, Jean Piaget’s ‘object permanence.‘ It simply means that around eight months of a child’s understanding of items and people still exist even if he cannot see or hear them. Yeah, an essential milestone in the development of a baby’s brain. So, when you try to let them see a cute teddy bear and hide it under the blanket, they would believe that it is still there, only that they cannot see it at that moment.

Great. The wonders of memory.

Even the concept circles for an eight-month child; I love to carry that as a metaphor. I am sorry, Reader. I love metaphors. Thanks to John Green’s novels.

It’s incredible to think that even though we are away from the people we love if they are unreachable for now, whether they are in a place far away or went first crossing the river towards eternity being with the LORD, we know that they are still there. I mean, they are not gone. They are just behind the blanket or on the surface of glorious eternity (as for in our comprehension). Even a fraction of their remembrance remains in us, and we know they are not gone. (wait, why is this so deep and saddening?)

Hmmm. Another thing to averse from that kind of sadness. Maybe our faith in GOD? Sometimes we are alienated and begin to forget the GRACE we have through CHRIST because we are far more concerned about the mess we have made than trying to look at it through HIS redeeming GRACE. Maybe, just maybe, we have to see through the blanket again that HIS redeeming GRACE and CHRIST’S imputed righteousness worked in us and is working in us for our sanctification for the furtherance of our race heavenwards. May we find healing in HIS sacrifice.

Let us remember that, always.

Maybe we are not already that eight-month-old baby, but that should be a good thing to consider that we are already aging beyond that and that, as an onset of the development milestone, how much more now that we are growing both cognitively and spiritually?

I hope you had a good and gentle day today.

Have a restful night.

Kryz <3

hebrews 11:16

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