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8th of January 2023

8th of January 2023

Dear Reader,

I read a book that quoted, “Much as the pain of touching a hot stove teaches you not to touch it again, the sadness of being alone teaches you not to do the things that made you feel so alone again.”

Feeling alone physically or emotionally, especially emotionally, is a struggling, cold, rude feeling to be handled by someone. But we can continually create ways not to feel alone, right?

Get that favorite book of yours and start rereading it. Watch that series or old cartoons from nickelodeon to patch your nostalgic feelings with a class germane to your situation. Have some cup of tea or coffee or milk that shall remind you of comfort and homely feels. Walk outside tomorrow morning and take a picture of the sunrise.

The truth is, there is a border between loneliness and the aversion to it; it is our choice. Our choice is a pretty powerful push button to lighten our perspective. So right now, there must be something, even a little thing, you shall do to get out from that cold, little corner of loneliness.

I don’t know. We own our loneliness as much as we hold our happiness, but it doesn’t mean we cannot be happy when we are alone; we can by being there for ourselves in whatever ways we find it comforting as we used to before.

Or simply sleep tonight with new bed sheets and pillowcases.

Please survive.


Kryz <3

hebrews 11:16

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