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9th of January 2023

9th of January 2023

Dear Reader,

I learned a term about “trouble in an envelope” in class today.

It is often used in Creative Therapy. It is high time to use this technique when a client is at the peak of stress and cannot apprehend his problem. Taking a “break” from the said problem can help the client be averted from the huge disturbance at that moment.

The action will be that the therapist will tell the client to put the trouble in an envelope and put it on the therapist’s desk, then the client can go. The client can return to the therapist’s office and get the envelope once he is in his right state of mind and not feeling overwhelmed, ready to face it with right solution.

It is like going back to the therapist’s office and facing it again with a clear mind and fresh perspective, opposite to the previous visit.

This is a reminder to take things one thing at a time. Especially when things get so overwhelming.

We’ve got lots of “trouble in an envelope” in our lives, don’t we?

May we learn to clear our mind and face it again with courage the next day, all by the GRACE of GOD.

Have a peaceful night.


hebrews 11:16

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