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13th of January 2023

13th of January 2023

Dear Reader,

Rains can be pretty melancholic, right?

It can transcend us from ten years ago or surprisingly makes us stuck at the moment and pondering where we are now and our purpose, and it might also pave the way to make us contemplate what will be our tomorrow. Shall I continue the work I have now despite it being tiring, or will I ever land on the places or people I long to ground myself with?

Whatever questions you might have now while raining, shoot them all the way. Your mind has enough neurons to cater to them, maybe? Just make sure you have at least a cup of hot coffee while nestling yourself at a crossroads of possibilities in the form of doubts and longings.

If you just arrived home from work or just did your tasks, get yourself fixed up for a time of thinking and pondering.

Always find time to make yourself comfortable, even in the middle of a chaotic world. Tonight might be the night.

Have a peaceful night’s rest, and a beautiful weekend ahead.

May GOD’s everlasting embrace covers you tonight.


hebrews 11:16

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