sincerely, kryz

15th of January 2023

15th of January 2023


Dear Reader,

Sometimes I need to figure out what to write for you to have something to read. I mean, just like tonight. I have many things inside me, but they are too beautiful to articulate. Words fade when feelings flow like streams of fresh water.

Maybe I shall make this letter as short as this tonight.
But if I have something to say is this:

Beautiful things happen naturally, and GOD’s providence will always hold our lives together. Genuine people enter our lives willingly, bringing peace of mind that allows us to feel heard, seen, and cared for. These kinds of people do exist. You find them in places and circumstances where you expect less and times where you thought it was the end of the line.


GOD’s grace sometimes comes through people whose hearts are ready to listen and understand you with love grafted from CHRIST.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, ready to face the new week ahead.

May GOD embrace you with HIS everlasting arms tonight.

Have a restful night.

Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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