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17th of January 2023

17th of January 2023 


Dear Reader,

How was your day? I hope it went well, if it didn’t result in the way you did want it to, I hope you dealt with it in a gentle way. You know what, I have realized that the world is now really changing. I mean, changing from bad to worse to worst. I don’t know. This is really a hopeless world. A deadly cosmos. However, there is only one hope for us. To see this in light of eternity. When we turn our eyes to JESUS the things in this world go strangely dim, in the light of HIS glory and grace.

You should try listening to “Turn your eyes upon JESUS” by Shane and Shane. 

I am out of words. Hays. But, hey, no matter what happens, always resolve on turning to CHRIST. This is the greatest foundation you can ever have in this lifetime and in eternity. 

Have a gentle night. I hope you had a good dinner.

Good night.

Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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