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22nd of January 2023

22nd of January 2023


Dear Reader,

I hope GOD will give you an unoffendable heart.

You know, we are an empty jars, we have to be mindful of what is filling us. Are we filled with bitterness or hatred? If we do, maybe tonight is the time to let it go. I mean, I know it is not quite easy. I told you in my last letter that it takes courage to be kind, right?

So, that will take some nerves. I think it is better if we go on in life leaving the grudges behind and seeing them in light of eternity (as I often say) because the moment we see things from that perspective, it will give us the assurance that maybe now we are in the place of injustice, but one day, we shall see that the unfair treatment and all those hurtful times we have suffered is not comparable to the things that GOD will reveal to us.

Knowing that GOD is just, may the LORD help us be calm, cool, and in control in all situations.

Have a beautiful night.

​Today is gloomy. I love it. I hope you like the weather too, whatever it is.

​Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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