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23rd of January 2023

23rd of January 2023


Dear Reader,

I remember what Aslan told Lucy when they were on the voyage one time. That was the time when Lucy had self-doubts to the point she compares herself to her older sister Susan. Lucy was standing in front of the mirror when Aslan appeared and said, 

“Lucy, you doubted your value. Don’t run from who you are.”

Aslan reminded Lucy that without her, her other siblings would never find Narnia, for she was the one who came inside the wardrobe first. 

You know what, I sometimes wish Aslan would appear in front of me too anytime I doubt things, especially my value. Most especially when I start doubting my place in GOD’s perspective through CHRIST. Sometimes we needed some reminders like that because most of the time we tend to run from who we are and forget the capability we have inside us because of fear, self-doubts, comparison, and changes that alienate us from seeing ourselves in the perspective of how GOD sees us through CHRIST.

He sees us forgiven, and we are HIS forevermore.

I do not know what “lucy moments” you are having or have had, but I think it is always a good reminder that from time to time, no matter how strange and fragile we have become in terms of our faith and identity, I hope we can still see the light at the end of the tunnel, by finding our way back to where it all began.

Let us continue to run the race which CHRIST has called us heavenwards.

Today is extra gloomy again. I hope you are not.

Good night.

Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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