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Little Flowers With Little Lovely Cards

Hi! Hearts Day is coming by next three weeks, and some of you might be thinking about giving something for someone you love. These hand-crafted little gifts below were designed for you to throw the hassle away of finding something that will cost you great amount of energy (and money) if you look for it somewhere else. These stuff were intentionally designed for you and your loved ones, with love and simplicity. I hope this little shop below helps you to show your affection to someone by giving them something small yet meaningful "little gifts". 


Flower I (The Outer space Little Gift)
Give this to someone you love to the extent you "love them to the moon and back!".
for only 50php [2 pcs available]

Flower II ( RAWR: means "I love You" Little Gift )
For someone you cannot really say your feelings out oud. This little dino here will help you by saying "I admire you"... isn't that clever? Hmmm...
for only 50php [7 pcs available]

Flower III (The Garden Little Gift)
This is for the people you truly love ever since. I mean, you know, for your parents and romantic partners. Idk. You name them.
for only 50php [3 pcs available]

Comment down below the code of your choice:

  • flower1 (FULLNAME/ADDRESS)
  • flower2 (FULLNAME/ADDRESS)
  • flower3 (FULLNAME/ADDRESS)

For more information, kindly reach me in one of my social media accounts embedded on this website.



hebrews 11:16

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