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25th of January 2023

25th of January 2023


Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered that kindness can also be dangerous? I mean, that is if you do not know what kindness means. I read Jerry Bridge’s book ‘The Fruitful Life’ once more in the ‘Kindness and Goodness’ chapter and came across a quote,

“Kindness is a sincere desire for the happiness of others; goodness is the activity calculated to advance that happiness.”

Jerry Bridges (The Fruitful Life)

He added, “Kindness is the inner disposition, created by the HOLY SPIRIT, that causes us to be sensitive to the needs of others, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. (emphasis added).

Pick up the word “sensitive”. Kindness requires sensitivity to others’ needs. It is not just like rushing your way out and doing some activities that you think can make you feel better when you help. A lot of us tend to equate kindness with making someone happy, so that, in return, we also feel happy. We often give candy to a kid to see his smile. Unconsciously, that smile of the kid makes us happy. There’s always this return that we want to receive when we try to be kind or do good. Think, is that genuine?

Nope. I do not think it is. 

I remember there was a story I heard about a girl being entangled with an issue she did not know she was already been dragged to. Let us call her Violette. She was, of course, hurt due to false assumptions and outright accusations. One day, the other person involved, by the name of Crimson, tries to make amends between the two by saying, “I am sorry for what I have said and thought. Please forgive me. I am not used to having grudges against people.” Kind, huh?

In hindsight, Violette thought Crimson was sincere and sorry, but as time goes by, it is slowly revealed to Violette that it was a false reconciliation due to some other talks being scattered against her by Crimson.

As an objective observation, I think Crimson was not sorry. Pick the part where she said, “I am not used to having grudges against people.” This could mean that Crimson just set up the “kindness gesture of reconciliation” to make her feel better, for her peace of mind, because she is “not used to having grudges with someone”.  Which is good for Crimson, of course. But in that case, Crimson did not look at the perspective of making amends for Violette’s cause.

Crimson is not concerned about Violette as much as she is concerned about her peace of mind. If she is, she would not say sorry if she still feels bitter. Sadly, Crimson’s bitterness was hidden under the guise of public kindness that revealed her true intention of doing the act. 

Kindness can be scary though, especially if you do not know the intention behind it.  Even if you do, if it is not grafted from sincere care for someone’s needs and solely focused on your good, then it is doubtful if it is a GOD-glorifying kind of kindness.

That’s it. I hope you had a good day.


Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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