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27th of January 2023

27th of January 2023


Dear Reader,

Long ago, not really long ago, I mean. I have heard about this Jewish folktale of King Solomon’s ring in Bethlehem. The tale started when King Solomon sent his palace guards in search of what he thought was an impossible task. The task is to find a ring that cheers the sad and saddens the cheerful.  After so much searching, King Solomon’s guards came back with a ring with this phrase inscribed in it,

“This too, shall pass”. 

With amazement towards the words inscribed on the ring, King Solomon took off his fancy, luxurious rings, putting the new ring on his finger. He said that it is a humbling reminder to not take for granted the good times because they do not last forever and at the same time, to not get too down during the hard times of life because neither will they.

Let us always remind ourselves that everything is under HIS care and that all shall be well regardless of our circumstances. No matter how mundane or grand the things presented to us every day, may we deal with them in light of GOD’s will, thinking that that very thing comes from HIM, and we shall cultivate a heart of gratefulness in honor of GOD. 

May we live and breathe. Seize every moment given, and don’t worry too much. Because this too, shall pass.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Goodnight. Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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