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30th of January 2023

30th of January 2023


Dear Reader,

Hi, Readers! Kryz isn’t here tonight. She’s kinda busy with something but she still wants you to read. So, in her behalf, I’ll be writing for you tonight. 

I’m confused what to write at first. Maybe I’ll write something about love? That’s too predictable and common for an invited guest/writer. Or maybe I’ll showoff by pulling some quotes of my favourite people? That won’t do as well. 

You know Kryz very well from her blogs but some of you don’t have any idea what she’s like in person. Tonight, I’ll give you a treat by writing what Kryz is like in person. 

She loves reading books, the space, and otters. 

That’s very obvious. But what you don’t see are the genuine eyes of hers whenever she reads something so touching from one of her books. She speaks the sweetest “awwweeee” whenever she reads something so touching. Once you hear it, your heart will surely melt. 

She loves the space, so she goes stargazing with her friends every once in a while. Some calls her OA whenever she watches the beauty of the sky at 1am because she always cries especially when she sees a meteor passingby. I beg to differ. She cries because of her sincerest appreciation and admiration of what she sees.

This emoji “🥹” right here, that’s her whenever she’s under the stars. 

Her fondness of otters is what gets me these days. While I find them so hairy, hence, not a befitting animal for a pet at first, my adoration for otters came unto existence because of her. 

She finds them so cute but she’s the cutest whenever she talks about otters. She’s got those teary eyes as she adores them. Little does she know that she gives off the most adorable image during such time. 

You won’t find a hard time liking Kryz. Probably you admire her as a person for a long time already. But once you get to know her in person, you’ll understand why I wrote this letter. Her love for the books, space, otters, and many things goes way beyond that. 

Kryz, you’re the purest person I know. You’ll probably answer me with a “ngi” once you read this but what I’m saying is true. We’re blessed to have known you in our lives. 

As you continue to adore things around you, I know many of us will continue to adore you as well. 



hebrews 11:16

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