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31st of January 2023

31st of January 2023


Dear Reader,

It is the last day of January. I have been enjoying writing letters to you since the 4th. Thank you for being here. Sometimes, it is hard to think of being alone, but I always believe that there is someone out there who reads, and that is why I keep on writing.

​We are down to the last day of this month, and I truly hope you had a meaningful month.

As you face the new month sprouting ahead, may you begin it with hope inside you. Think about mundane things, and make them grand in your little ways. Try to find something that you can resonate with, and then work with it with kindness.

Thank you, reader, for being here to read until now. We have lots of things to venture to as these letters continue to be written and shared.

I hope this day was profound for you.

Have a good night. Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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