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1st of February 2023

1st of February 2023


Dear Reader,

I have seen injustices. I have seen some unfair treatment, and people who get lesser appreciation than those who deserve it. Perhaps I have seen sad things going all over the place due to someone else’s doing. In short, it occurs to me that the world is not a safe space to nestle our affections into.

Perhaps you have seen injustices too. Some unfair treatments? The cheater won and the honest fails? The people who gladly embrace the appreciation that is not supposed to be for them, only in disguise of charitable work in compensation for their selfish motivations and perhaps, inferiority. This can be very disheartening, especially for you who can notice every nuance, and want to put it right.

There is nothing much you can do with it, sadly. Do we sometimes put the matter in our hands? While it may be possible to fix the broken pipe or augment a broken string, (you know these are metaphors, right?) in between that, there is always this thing about putting the matter in GOD’s hands. I watched a sermon from Alistair Begg earlier and he quoted,

“Many an issue would be settled if we would refuse to try and cut the corners. If we would refuse to try and take matters in our own hands. If we would refuse to try and avenge ourselves.”


This I am sure, with all of the sordid shows of the world and its approach and its people, take heart that GOD will take care of it and if HE sees everything that is happening. Since HE is the GOD of justice, HE will surely act out of it for justice and its pursuit. 

I hope you will find the strength to the GOD who looks down from the Heavens above and hear the groans of HIS people. 

Have a good night’s rest. Grace be upon you.




You can watch the sermon attached below. Enjoy!

hebrews 11:16

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