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3rd of February 2023

3rd of February 2023


Dear Reader,  

What horror is it when you find something you treasure, and then one day it just falls from your hands like sand? Maybe not a certain day that it all falls. What if it gradually becomes invisible? Slowly disappearing. As you watch the sand falling from your hands, you realize you have not gripped it so hard? or maybe the other around.

This is the normative way of things– to be gone.

The art of entropy. One day you find someone you see who can fix your broken parts, and then one day you see that someone slowly moving away like those supercontinents once. 

What’s left? You. 

I guess it is pretty important to have your own safe space. I mean, not with someone, but really for yourself. We can never try to depend on people or even things or jobs, someone, whatever. Seize all those things now until they pass.

Imagine if you are all alone on a cold island with nothing to trust nor to call to. What do you think you can do? You have yourself. Perhaps, you have Someone more who can be a sanctuary for you. That is the True Safe Space in a place where it is not.

Good night. Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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