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9th of February 2023

9th of February 2023


Dear Reader,

I always, always, always think about having a coffee on a windy afternoon on Thursday while watching the mountain heights with all their green shades of art. While the breeze constantly, yet slowly, reminds me that this is still a beautiful world despite this being a deadly cosmos because of sin. We are doomed because of sin. Everything terrible that is happening now is rooted in the depravity of man. Alright, I am so sorry for changing this writing’s tone instantly.

Last night, I was talking with a friend about going out to watch a local theatre performance. Visit this classy, old coffee shop with old hardbound books finely displayed on the walls. If you walk closely, you shall see Dickinson’s or Ryle’s works. The place was solemn as it was 3:00 in the morning. The light is dim but only lighted up with some yellow lights, two or three, but it is a place of solace.

Ugh. Bring me there now. We always have those kinds of old classic-themed thoughts, right?

Well, maybe we could not go to that place right now, but we can continually create something out of what is in front of us. I mean, do the creative alternatives? Do you have a sachet of coffee there? Go, make one and bring it to your room’s study table, light the yellow lampshade of yours, and watch a Ghibli movie. I have not watched one, but I heard it is homely. So, you go first. Or if you do not want to have some association between the study table and your academics, then bring that cup of coffee with you in your body and watch something classic too. I watched “Life Is Beautiful” last night. It is a classic movie from the year 1997. Classics shall always succeed you. Perhaps, do watch videos about church history.

Okay, what I am trying, at least trying to say, is that perhaps we could not step our feet into that cozy coffee shop with old books or go to a local theatre. At least we have some mountains outside, right? Plus, the breeze? We can create a little sanctuary, a place of comfort from a cup of coffee, a little Ghibli movie, and our small yellow lamp shade. The endless videos about church history on the internet, and some pretty cool old books too. There, find your solace.

Lastly, if you ever came to know CHRIST, it would be better to know HIM more. If you have not, find HIM in the Scriptures, and then know HIM more. It sums up all of the contentment in our vacuum-prone hearts.

Have a good early night. Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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