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11th of February 2023

11th of February 2023


Dear Reader,

Have you ever heard about the story of an angry tree and the wasp?

Once, a wasp was buzzing around an angry tree. The angry tree keeps on telling the wasp about its frustrations with humanity. The angry tree observes silently how people work on their lives every day as it is situated in the center of a vast field in the heart of the countryside.

“Have you seen how that seemingly kind woman appears to be good in front of that little woman there? Tsk. She is faking it. Right after she gave that little girl an apple, she frowned and took a picture of the child. You think that is genuine?” The angry tree told the wasp in outright disappointment.

When the wasp heard this, it knew that the angry tree would burst out if the angry tree is not calm, so the wasp moved closer to the angry tree and moved its sting along the trunk. The wasp keeps on doing this for the angry tree to feel calm, and as long as the angry tree feels the pain caused by the wasp’s sting, it calms down.

“Hey, wasp. How about that prissy little girl going about the town hall today? I have seen her wearing a bunch of ‘too much’, then telling the people in the village that she is going somewhere out of here. I mean, why do the villagers care, right? They have crops to harvest today, and the goldsmiths will sell their goods on the other side of the sea. What’s the point of that girl?” The angry tree muttered again.

The wasp did the same thing he used to as soon as it heard another frustration from the angry tree.

“Tree, I know how it feels to see everything above there. It feels frustrating to be able to witness everything that seems not helpful to you. But the thing is, it is not helpful, right? It is?” The wasp asked for the first time.

“It just gives me nothing but frustrations.” The tree answered, folding its branches while the leaves slowly fell.

“Then, it is time to change your perspective. Look, there, behind you. There is another village filled with people who help each other. I have heard that today is the celebration of their year’s harvest. Look closer. See that little girl? Oh, look, the joy she has on her face while giving that older man a piece of bread. Look, there’s a small church in the heart of the little town. Oh, great. There’s a huge swan there. Aha! That little family who is now walking to the small church is bringing baskets filled with fruits and goods. Now, look! There is a stall filled with fresh flowers. See how that old lady give one to herself?”

As the wasp kept talking about the new village, he let the angry tree see. The angry tree then started to open its branches, showing that it agreed about what the wasp was saying. The wasp stops putting its sting on the angry tree’s trunk as it sees that it is already calming down. Much calmer this time.


Sometimes, for us to be not bothered about the harsh reality of this deadly world, we must turn to the other side and look at a new, fresh perspective to avoid unwelcome frustrations and unnecessary pain.

I hope you won’t let your frustrations eat you up. You are better than that. Perhaps, there is more to focus on more than the ones you have been sighting before that is not worth your time.

Have a good night.

Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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