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13th of February 2023

13th of February 2023


Dear Reader,

I wonder if we are all honest with what we are really feeling.

I mean, if we don’t have any fear to really validate our feelings. When someone asks if we are okay, we won’t pretend anymore to reply, “I’m okay. Thank you”. My Stat Psych professor once said that saying ‘okay’ is a central tendency bias. It means there is something there, and if I would say, “I’m okay,” it’s not quite there.

I wonder if we can be honest with our feelings by saying what is in our minds to the person we want to exchange ideas with. Is it easy to tell how huge of a desire we have to talk with them? But then we refuse to take the risk because we might lose something once we cross that line. After all, we couldn’t find the same feelings they had within them as ours. We are afraid of the unknown to be known.

I wonder if we can directly tell the person we want because we need them at a particular time. I wonder if we can ever have the courage to overcome our shyness and doubts and swim across borders of honesty and vulnerability, like opening up to them about what we really feel about them. It’s funny that the people we want to talk with often have difficulty communicating with them. We know it could be done, but why is it hard to be honest with such people? We suddenly become liars without intentionally doing it.

I wonder if the person who once asked us if we were okay or if something was wrong would feel our hidden longing to answer them we are not really alright and there is something wrong. I wonder if we don’t act like we don’t care or if we didn’t lie about the answer behind the façade of our replies; I wonder what their responses might be and where the conversation would lead you both into a much deeper connection.

I wonder if we are all honest with what we are really feeling. Maybe, just maybe, things will be lighter for us to carry.

Someone’s not okay.

An early night.

Grace be upon you.




This is a recycle article from couple of years ago.

hebrews 11:16

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