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16th of February 2023

16th of February 2023


Dear Reader,

How to stay sane in this chaotic world?

I guess staying on your grounds shall help. Every day, we try to survive people who annoy us and circumstances that get the best out of us. Maybe being grounded in our values shall help. Your values shall be your guiding compass to surpass the crossroads of life.

Also, have you ever been annoyed? I think we all are. I have been in this stage of annoyance when someone never stops trying to ruin one’s reputation. I cannot stomach the idea that one can go to the extent of stepping at another shoe just to protect their own ‘peace’ of mind. I think that is selfishness. You will never have that peace of mind if you do not stop stepping into other people’s shoes. Regardless of your motives and sincerity, if you know that you can hurt someone with that action, you shall see that it won’t give you anything than ruins that shall return to you.

Well, this could just be one of the things that make us seemingly face this turmoil in this world. I guess having values will straighten it up.

Also, we can never control how other people will act, but we can control our response. May we respond rationally, gently, and kindly. That shall be enough for them to realize their flaws.

If you ever find yourself in the position of being hurt, please be unapologetically kind. We can always aid without hurting.

Have a peaceful night. Do have a coffee.

Good night & Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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