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17th of February 2023

17th of February 2023


Dear Reader,

Hi! I would like to share this little story I wrote last year.


On a hot summer day, a boy sat under the maple tree, observing the wind, thinking how it managed to affect him even he could not see it.

“Gravity?” a girl appeared out of nowhere, carrying a slice of apple pie.

The wind blew even further as the two shared the slice of apple pie.

The sun was scorching hot, yet the wind served as a clad to not feel the heat.

“Why are we affected by the things we do not see?” the girl asked, finishing the thin slice of the apple pie.

“It’s because we feel them.” answered the boy.

“To what extent does feeling needs to be felt for us to be affected?” she asked.

The boy stopped for a while, observing again the wind, much calmer this time. As the leaves of the beautiful maple tree danced forth and through, he looked at the girl on the eye, and then looked at the ocean blue sky, and said,

“As long as you let it.”

As long as you let it.

May we choose to not be affected with the things that weigh a little in the long run.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Good night & Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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