sincerely, kryz

21st of February 2023


Dear Reader,

Earlier this afternoon, my cousin and I discussed something that bothered her. It is about an action of someone that she found way too much already. Though she is not being affected directly, she is concerned because she is kind of pissed off by the behavior this person shows. Maybe the reason is that this person she refers to publicly displays a sense of superiority and pride. If I were to say honestly, I was bothered too, sometimes. What my cousin does not uphold to that person’s behavior is that the person is too caught up with self-glorification, insensitivity in approaching people, and seemingly pretentious behavior.

I laughed when I heard the same thing from her all over again. Because the same feels, so, we ended up saying we should mute that person’s fb stories and continue with our lives. I am right, and we often experience this kind of thing. Sometimes we evaluate ourselves by asking is it me who is rude here or the other person? You do not have to ask those questions if you know you are not the only one who is bothered about that certain person, because if several people notice the same thing about that certain person you were annoyed with, then it means there must be wrong about that certain person. In this case, many individuals were already bothered by this certain person‘s behavior. So… yeah.

Maybe we can only change this certain person if someone close to that person is going to do the confrontation. In conclusion, I told my cousin to focus on our beautiful life and mute that certain person‘s FB story because it is already affecting our mood. When it affects our moods, we are more likely to be less productive than we should be. We have to pick circumstances that are worth our energy. In short, we have to channel our energy to what truly matters. That certain person’s life is not worth our precious time, so we have to pick up our unfocused minds, take a step back from that bothering hurdle, and walk on a different path where we can truly exercise our freedom to love and understand.

We might never have the power to change that certain person‘s tiresome attitude; however, we can always be mindful of how we react, not necessarily to the person but to ourselves. Are we going to be annoyed when a situation like that comes? Or are we just going to pick up a cup of coffee, sit in a cozy place and read a book? You choose.

I hope all is well with you.

Find things that shall make you feel safe. I am genuinely grateful to be giving this letter to you.

An early night. Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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