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27th of February 2023

27th of February 2023


Dear Reader,

Perhaps the most beautiful thing in this world is to be reconciled with GOD. Sure, wealth and achievements or maybe fame shall make a man happy, but he will never be satisfied enough to be joyful. There is always that GOD-vacuumed place in our human souls that no one and nothing in this fallen world could satisfy.

Of course, this reconciliation towards GOD will never be possible without JESUS CHRIST. Since HE alone justifies us before GOD the Father, thus, we have access to be in His Presence. If we are justified through CHRIST, we ought to continue living a life worthy of the GOSPEL; therefore, we strive to be sanctified each day in response to the salvation given to us so graciously through CHRIST. That is why whenever we fall short, as often as we do, I love how CHRIST intercedes for us and, with the indwelling help of the HOLY SPIRIT, helps and comforts us in our weakness and our despondency. In CHRIST, once reconciled, will always be reconciled towards GOD the Father.

Even if we fall in the mud we are trying to get out; still, HIS grace is stronger than our weaknesses, so we always should go back again and again to CHRIST until we see the peak of GLORY one sweet day.

May our hopes be anchored in CHRIST alone.

Have a blessed night. Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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