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2nd of March 2023

2nd of March 2023


Dear Reader,

Have you ever found yourself doing a lot of things for a day? The ‘to do’s’ note is already filled up, and you feel overwhelmed. How to start? Plenty of opportunities await us as we meet the dawn of the day, and sometimes it is scary. At times, it is extra exciting, but most of the time, there is this fear that we try to suppress, saying what if we cannot accomplish these tasks? If we do try to entertain this fear, we end up (usually) being numbed, which leads in zero productivity results.

I hope we learn to recognize the fear but not live with it. We are messy people, but we do not have to end up messy. Let us be aware of this fear, and let it go. Then, we shall proceed to the first task that is needed. Even it is just preparing for a coffee before starting that paperwork. Do not rush things. Take it one thing at a time, one day at a time. We can never accomplish enough, but we can have at least one thing to clear from our ‘to-do lists’ one moment at a time.

In all of these work and leisure, may we never forget that all strength and abilities came from GOD; thus, let us continually live as though HE is watching us with our hearts filled with gratitude for the opportunities HE has given, and may we never have to slip it from our minds that every single thing we should do, shall renowned to HIS glory and honor, and for the expansion of HIS Kingdom, as we wait for the appearance of CHRIST the KING.

Ahh, this is such therapeutic writing tonight. Hahaha.

Have a blessed night. Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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