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3rd of March 2023

3rd of March 2023


Dear Reader,

Here are some thoughts to think about when you need some warmth.

Mornings. When everything else seems so silent, you are already awake with your cup of coffee and, simultaneously, waiting for the sun to rise.

The chores. Think about how clean your space will be if you dust it off. The splendor of a dustless corner is grand.

That near to afternoon stroll at the market to buy something for lunch, and maybe that spare time to watch a classic movie.

The lunch and small talk with your family over the table, while the summer sun of April outside is pretty hot.

The afternoon nap where the wind may clash through your windows softly, just in time to wake you up.

The 3:00 pm snacks. The old idea of our grandparents to cook some sweet potato, to be matched with a royal orange drink. Together with that very classical music from the radio. When you already ate the last part of that sweet potato, you were called by your playmates to play outside in a greenfield. A kite to fly. Some cans to hit by a slipper to hit home. A piece of a coin to brave the little squares, assembling a cross in pursuit of having “homes” when your coin made it to the last round ( I meant the “tin-tin” cross. hihi )

Those fun times no longer need screen time to make everyone happy.

It encapsulates the real world, for once.

That early dinner for everyone in the family and share how everyone’s day went. Did your brother ace his math exams? Or were you able to finish that science project about making a model of our solar system? After that, the whole family was to watch the famous tv show, which everyone was in the living room to watch. Then if you are lucky, your grandpa will tell you stories about a monggo bean’s journey (our Ma-am Laki shared this tale to us before). You and your cousins will form a circle to hear it only when one of you falls asleep just before his closing prayer ends. By then, your mom or dad will carry you to your bedroom. Well, most of the time, we’re awake at that time; we just don’t want to walk our way to the bedroom.

Oh, that rain at night? The gloom yet warmth of the sound of the droplets from the air. It is when you will realize that everyone was in their shelters and listening to the drip-drip of the water. By that time, maybe you are cuddling with your blanket or that giant bear you have. If you’re lucky, you are in the arms of your mom and dad, for some, their lovers. Or for the lonesome, a piece of music by FM static or Cueshe’ will do.

There are mundane things around us, almost. Mostly the beautiful things are from the past. Good thing we have memories to rely on. We might never come back to where we were, but I hope the essence of the past will forever remain inside all of us… and if you are like me who wants to wander from memory lane, may we never forget to embody the beauty of what had been to our present.

I forgot something. To stay in a library or a book sale for an hour… I don’t know. That’s comforting.

Until next time.

Grace be upon you.


Kryz <3

hebrews 11:16

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