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8th of March 2023

8th of March 2023


Dear Reader,

Some people are good at making friends. Over the years, they can gain many friends from various races and ages. The thing is, people sometimes do not know if the “friends” that they consider are the “friends” that, in one way or another can match their same feelings with each other.

There are many classifications of friends. There are those whom you consider as CLOSE FRIENDS, BEST FRIENDS, and CASUAL FRIENDS.

Close friends are those people you share your secrets, failures, your crushes, and of course your, heartbreaks.

Best friends are those whom you have known since childhood; when morning comes, they go to your house and invite you to play under the heat of the early sun on a green field with birds singing around until your parents call you home for breakfast. They are “best” because you share your most significant moments with them.

Then here we are in the realm of casual friends. Not too close. Maybe they are those whom you walk by daily and spurt out a “hi” with a smile. They don’t care about the intimate details of your life, and they are “casually” just around if by random chance.

Friends are great until they cease to be.

When that casual friend stops saying “hi” when you walk around the street one morning.

When that best friend of yours stops visiting your place to play on the expansive green grass on an early morning.

When that close friend of yours stopped listening to your secrets and, worse, went down a path of betrayal. So you, too, cease to share your failures and heartbreaks anymore.

Here is the catch, and as cliché, as it might sound, people do come and go, well most of the time, they go. Perhaps they find someone new to share secrets with, they get tired of playing with you, and they are used to saying “hi” whenever you are around; whatever it is, may we rest in the reality that the world does not always revolve by our favor and liking, and sometimes, it is the opposite that we tend to meet along the way.

Maybe it is time to let go of those people because maybe, just perhaps, it is GOD’s providence silently saying you are to be meeting a casual friend who will share a cup of coffee over a “hi” on the road. A best friend who will invite you for lunch somewhere on a hilltop where you can see the whole new landscape of rivers and ridges, along with valleys. And on top of all, a close friend who will be there with you both in joyous and sorrowful moments, those by whom you will share your secrets and protect them firmly, those by whom you will listen to your heartbreaks and help you ease them until morning, until you will be okay or not okay.

Whatever it is, those who will remain loyal to us and not leave us behind when hardship comes, and won’t ever replace us for someone they meet along the way, are the people we should honor for the rest of our lives.

Maybe these words are familiar to you, because it was written from the shadows of yesterday.

I hope you had a sweet day. Oh, coffee, okay?

May GOD strengthen you.

Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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