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10th of March 2023

10th of March 2023


Dear Reader,

“It’s easy to take risks when you know you’re dying”. -Sakura

It’s cliche to start it with a quote, but that was just really impacted me. Sakura has been a risk-taker all her life because she knew she is dying. She knew that her days are numbered. She knew that she is nothing but a number of days. But she was really brave though. I mean, brave in the sense that she accepted the fact she is passing away and completely oriented herself to make the most of every day.

The thing is, Sakura knew she has an illness and that makes it an advantage for her in tracking her life, at the very least. That is mainly the reason why she gathered her bucket list into completion with the participation of a guy. A guy that she likes and looks up to. I admire her bravery to just let it all out and express herself because again, she knew she is not going to live very long. She is the kind that does not want to carry her feeling unto her grave until she says it.

I came to wonder a bit about what she quoted. That does not just apply to Sakura. It applies to all of us, regardless if we have been diagnosed with an illness or otherwise. Look, maybe we do not have an illness but then we are not entirely certain if we will still get through a day being alive, right? We could have been meeting an accident in the street, tripped over a rock, and or meet a murderer. Exactly. Like Sakura, what she expects to be the reason for her passing is an illness, yet turned into unexpected stab wounds that lead to her death. She didn’t die with her pancreatic disease.

In the literal sense, one can actually take risks as long as he or she wants in life even though we don’t know the length of our lives are because that’s the point, we don’t have any idea when, why, and how are we going to face death, that only gives us the opportunity to be risk-takers. To do something worthwhile before breathing out our last breathe. So, it truly is easy to take risks when you know you are dying, because you know you will never pass that way again, so you make the most of it—unless you want resentment.

I am also really loving how Sakura pointed out those “risks”. Base on my observations, one of them is to have compassion for all people. The scene where she helped an old woman over a rude guy in the street. That’s a risk. She could just let it pass, but she did not. She knew she got to do something to save the old woman. She also could have been hurt by the rude guy, yet she didn’t have much time to think about it. She knew that there is something worthwhile beyond the risk she took. The grand risk I have thought (well, for me) that she has set is to hang out with the guy she “likes”.

It was very risky (well, for me) to do that and or to open up about something towards a guy, especially considering maybe the rejections? What if the guy whom Sakura asked about to hang out with and help her achieve her bucket lists decline her offer? Right? Possible. But then, because it was Sakura’s choice to ask the guy and do things that would persuade the guy to come with her in her whereabouts, the risk was compensated. For me, that was JUST brave action. She once said that there is no coincidence, but it is the choice that we make that leads us to where we are and probably where we want to go. It was Sakura’s choice that she wants to be friends with a lonesome guy, and she did. Gradually, their relationship grows.

Considering the fact that it was a movie, I could think it is pretty far from what is in the reality of life. You can laugh at this thought, but that was the first-ever anime I have ever watched since I was born, and maybe the first time has been striking and it is somewhat, you know, relatable. If there is one thing that moved from my mind to my heart that the movie brought me is when Sakura emphasized what ‘living’ truly meant. To end this, I am quoting what Sakura said that TRULY empowered me,

Living means reaching out to the people who affect your heart.


Had it been we were like Sakura, who sustains her wit and knows how to get along with people and “reach out to those who affect the heart”, maybe we are in someplace else right now. But the thing is, it’s not yet too late, right? As long as you make the right choices that fit your moral perspective, do not be afraid to reach out, do things and take risks, because truly, we are only but a number of days.

Good night. Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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