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12th of March 2023

12th of March 2023


Dear Reader,

If you want a new beginning, you are in the right place now. I, too, like some fresh slate to begin with whenever something off happens, especially when I know I am doing better with that thing and want to get away from it but then come back at it again.

Whenever that happens, I tell myself, “Okay, let us begin again.”.

For example, I told myself not to care about someone who tries to piss me off. Yet I ended up entertaining that thought, so I am returning to the spiral of unhelpful beliefs about anything to do with that. That’s unhealthy. Maybe you spent a lot money this week when you said you should be thrifty already, but then again, spend beyond your means. There are many instances we find ourselves at that moment—maybe a procrastination problem. You keep saying that you shall start doing that requirement, yet look at you now, still on the verge of scrolling through your social media accounts.

Whatever the “going back to the same mud again” kind of thoughts or habits you are struggling with right now, I would like to say that we can start again. See this new week sprouting? Yes, this can be our hope to relish what has been lost and what we thought we had wasted.

Let us begin again. Yesterday is gone in the nuances of time, giving us no point in staying in the same situation or regret or guilt.

“Let us gently let go of our failures, no matter how small or big, and be kind to ourselves to say, “Hey, self, I know you’ve messed up a lot of times, but we can start again this moment to make things right.”

…and may I add, may we begin our new slates with the guidance of our LORD. It is the best thing possible that we can ever find ourselves.

Have coffee tonight!

Good night, and may HIS grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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