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13th of March 2023

13th of March 2023


Dear Reader,


That should not be the right word to say first in a letter. But I am telling you to let things breathe for a while and remind you that you are, in this very moment breathing with a purpose. Do you know the feeling of being faced with many tasks and deadlines being closed? Well, I realized that earlier, and I ended up meeting the reality that this week and the following weeks are pretty busy days because finals in grad school are approaching. I lay down on the floor lately to think about such and let it go for a while because I was overwhelmed. Really. I know at some point you feel the same way, reader. It’s okay. We’re all in this together.

Since the class in Counselling and Psychotherapy culminates tonight, it’s good that the course ends in Reality Therapy and Choice theory. This kind of therapy teaches us to see behaviors as choices. It solely focuses on the here and now. Though it acknowledges past events, it delves into the present moment and how we can use it efficiently. It remarks that while we cannot control how we feel, we can control how we think and behave. Individuals have the freedom to choose the behavior he wants, and such choices can aid or impede the potential to satisfy essential needs in pursuit of individual goals. 

The totality of such therapy encapsulates what I should do with these lined-up tasks that overwhelm me. Maybe focusing on the moment and asking myself, “What do I need to do now?” can help me to keep going. If you remember the scene from Frozen 2 where Anna hits rock bottom (literally and metaphorically) when she does not know what to do, and things become overwhelmingly hard for her, she cries so hard, but then after that, she thinks these words,

“Just do the next right thing.”


After that, she eventually stepped out of the cave jumping from one huge rock to another until she reached the open. She keeps singing her anthem about doing the next right thing in her venture. That inspires me because Anna focuses on that moment but does not let it scare her or cause her to be paralyzed. She knew she would still face many difficulties after that, yet she knew she could decide and act with that decision. Such led her to the grounds of peace and was able to help her get out of the difficulties she was in.

Like Anna, we can be like that crying baby sometimes, but like Anna, we should learn to do the right thing and see things through by living one thing at a time and one day at a time. We might never see the whole staircase, but let us have faith in every step we take and seize it with a deliberate choice of hard work and joy.

I hope we can do everything with the right pressure and choice right the whole week and beyond. 

Have a good night. Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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