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20th of March 2023

20th of March 2023


Dear Reader,

i hope you had a lovely day today.

i am pretty happy today because it is one of the first mondays that we have not entered the night class. our class in counseling and psychotherapy culminated last monday, and today was the passing of our final paper. it felt surreal to realize it ended there. i cannot even count the times when i was in a significant length of fear in meeting monday because we had to be prepared in class. we need to watch the recorded video report and learn from it because doc randomly calls names to summarize the kind of therapy we will discuss that night in class. not only that. we have to prepare questions from the report. another? we have to prepare answers for all the questions posted on google classroom and present them during the small group discussion. this is one of the subjects where i had to roll over at the corner of my room and silently cry for help to GOD. i was hesitant and scared.

looking back, i know it was all by GOD’s grace that it has been worthwhile. i had written to doc when i passed my final requirement earlier, “thank you for the thrilling, knowledgeable, and worthwhile semester.”

it is thrilling. no regrets. i enjoyed every scary moment when i don’t have an answer, and i just had to affirm what precious (my classmate) previously shared. i have been pulling from archives of experiences just to say something in the class, or else the pen won’t move, and that means i don’t have points. there was one time when it was my turn to facilitate the small group discussion, and doc called me to summarize another kind of therapy again (thanks, pring, for the help!), i can remember that by the time the class ends i had gotten soar throat because of over speaking. hahaha! my nanay even scolded me why i had to speak a lot. well, if you don’t speak there, you’re not really there.


i am sharing this because i want to testify that GOD is good. HE has carried me through. i never thought it was bearable until now i am typing this as a sign the subject has been done.

hays, it is so worthwhile until it lasted.

with all of that, SOLI DEO GLORIA!

goodnight & grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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