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26th of March 2023

26th of March 2023


Dear Reader,

rest is essential.

lately, i have been thinking about getting healthy in all aspects of life. as a fan of overworking, i finally have learned to lie low. yes, it is good to start that paper already, but if your body is extra tired due to sleepless nights and lack of body exercise, i guess you have to consider taking the luxury of rest. then after that, you can have all the time to work because you have gained enough strength.

it is impressive for work to be quickly done, but what’s the point if you put only pressure to make it done? in hopes of making it done, we sometimes need to remember that we can enjoy its process and learn while writing and or doing that thing. i hope we will learn to be more appreciative towards the process and not just its end because, after all, we are living; whether we like it or not in these processes, we sometimes overlook it because we are busy to be at the end of it.

suppose you are working hard for something now. please let it go for a while… get that coffee you want or that comfort food you crave. watch that favorite cartoon movie you like during childhood, or simply walk outside and feel the breeze…or just nap. i am sure when you return to that desk, you will be much more energized than when you left it.

go, and make yourself comfortable. for in being comfortable, it shall be your rest.

goodnight & grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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