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3rd of April 2023

3rd of April 2023


Dear Reader,

do you guys have any guilty pleasures? mine is watching horror movies or any thriller movies. i just like the idea that it scares me, but i know deep inside i shall regret it when i am about to go to sleep because the sinister-looking killers appear in my mind.

speaking of which, i watched winnie-the-pooh: blood and honey earlier. though i was quite sad that the classic children’s book was negatively portrayed in the movie, still the movie has something to give us a lesson. i had realized that even though christopher robin took care of pooh and piglet when they were just little, no matter how close they were before and how deep were the memories they shared, once the animal nature of these beloved pets kicked in, their instincts shall be followed more than anything. i also think pain and abandonment have great roles in pooh, especially. he was hurt because christopher left.

on the other hand, christopher’s reason for leaving is for his future and the good, and it is but a sure thing that he shall return after college. however, for pooh and his friends, this was not understood. from being tamed animals with sweet dispositions, they turned into monsters and killed humans. this can be understandable because they are born animalistic, but it went far because the motivation behind it is a pain. pooh never listened to christopher, even how much he tried to explain it. “you left!” was pooh’s only words.

pooh has forgotten their memories because of that one single time of christopher’s absence, and too bad it cannot be controlled. they turned sinister. i was trying to relate it earlier with some sort of betrayal. we all know how chris loved pooh. he even sneaked into their kitchen to give pooh and his friends some food and traveled through the 100-acre woods. despite chris’ love for pooh, sadly, chris received such a horrible betrayal.

i am not going to say that there shall be pooh and piglet that will appear in front of us and kill us with an axe or what, but this kind of attitude may be occurring in the motivations of people who are close to us. the fangs of betrayal, even how dear they are to us, can still be expected.

maybe the lesson from the movie is to know our boundaries with people we thought we could treasure. we don’t see the motivation behind their relationship with us and why they are being kind and sweet. if things get messy, can we trust them? or will they only be trusted when good times arise? may we have the wisdom to discern people with whom we would honor and place our trust with.

have a goodnight. grace be upon you.


i just hope i won’t dream about those characters. huh-uh.

hebrews 11:16

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